Welcome to the universe of Aloeceuticals Hc.


Sonsoles and Isabel, creators of the brand, have been inspired by their childhood memories in the Andalusian and Basque countryside. Each creation of Aloeceuticals Hc. It is the testimony of a memory. An emotional state to proclaim the Art of Living, which reconnects us with our essence, our heritage, our traditions and with ourselves.

The creators

Sonsoles has worked for years in the exploitation of agricultural estates in Andalusia, from where we obtain a large part of our raw materials. In love with her region, its light and its magnificent crops, she decided to join forces with Isabel, a Basque cosmetologist pharmacist, forged in turn by the entrepreneurial character of her land. This marvelous synergy between the North and the South made our company flourish.


We form a team that stands out for the technical knowledge of pharmacists specializing in medicinal and aromatic plants, together with that of agronomists who are in charge of agricultural crops to obtain the best raw materials for our products. We also rely on selected local producers who maintain the traditional artisan methods of extracting ingredients that Nature provides us.

We make the difference

We control the entire process from the crops to the final product.
We are impregnated with the philosophy of “green, sustainable and healthy cosmetics and nutrition”
We use local plants and the ancestral knowledge of phytotherapy, the basis of Eastern and Western medicine.
Our desire is to embellish the day-to-day and daily routines with exceptional products, using the plants that Nature offers us and taking care of them to continue enjoying them.