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A leaf of Earth

There is nothing more fascinating than believing in a project and fighting with all your effort and passion to get it going.

In this first blog entry, I am going to tell you why we started this project, what led us to put it to work and what our experiences and experiences were to be able to develop it.

Both Sonsoles and I are two women from the baby-boom generation (mature in age, but adolescent in ideas) and we have experience acquired precisely because of our age, because of the family (we are both mothers of large families), the daily work and the business management.

Sonsoles runs a farm in Carmona (Seville), “Finca Las Coronas”, a pioneer in the organic cultivation of Aloe vera and other crops such as olive trees, cotton, lavender and other aromatic plants such as rosemary, thyme, eucalyptus, hawthorn yellow…

Isabel, author of this first entry, I am a pharmacist in Vitoria and I come from a family of third-generation female entrepreneurs. I am used to challenges, I love to innovate, I am restless by nature and at the same time in love with my profession. Phytotherapy is a branch of the Pharmacy career that has always fascinated me. When I was studying Botany at the Faculty, we used to go out to the fields to collect plants to make herbariums: we learned to recognize them, to press them, to dry them and to know how to extract their active ingredients. For me it was a wonderful experience that has led me to continue training for many years and to specialize in this field together with Dermopharmacy.

Sonsoles and I met in the countryside, in a casual way, and from the first moment we knew that we were going to embark on an adventure together. We also have Andrés, another alma mater of this project, an agricultural engineer and one of the greatest Spanish experts in the cultivation of Aloe vera. His enthusiasm permanently pushes us to move forward, he is always innovating and his head is full of ideas and sensations.

At first we were cautious, we were taking small steps that were getting us closer and closer to our joint business project. In that interval, the pandemic emerged, which slowed down the development of the company but did not intimidate us, and we continued with our entrepreneurial illusion intact, covering stages, slowly but surely.

And here we are, telling you the origin of Aloeceuticals Healthcare, which, as its name indicates, unites “Aloe vera (earth plant) + pharmaceutical quality”.

Why Aloe?

Aloe vera is an emblematic plant that has been used since time immemorial for skin care and that is grown on our farm in an ecological way, so we know our plants, we take care of them, we see them grow day by day until they are ready. for harvesting and we control its quality. We use our own raw material. It is present in most of our formulations, it is our main reference and we are proud of it and of what it offers us.

Why “Ceuticals”?

Because we have thought about, designed and tested our formulations with the pharmaceutical quality that our training and professional experience give us.

What are we looking for with our company?

Aloeceuticals Healthcare Sl. is a national company of natural skin care products created for you and your skin with an environmental and social conscience. Much of our ingredients come from our own crops. The manufacturing batches are small to guarantee and preserve the quality of the ingredients that compose them at all times.

And what do we want?

• Satisfy the current consumer demand for quality products that preserve the environment and are sustainable, and manufactured with the best natural ingredients in order to avoid undesirable reactions in our body.

• Support small local producers with their crops to maintain their ecosystem and prevent the depopulation of rural areas. Protect our craft tradition. And also live natural experiences of reunion with the raw materials that nature offers us. Reconnect your skincare routine with nature.

Our farm is worth a visit: not only will you see where we manufacture our products, but you will also live the experience of being in a unique and magical place, which will give you a great feeling of peace, relaxation and well-being. We wait for you!.

We are very fortunate to have been able to turn our dreams and passions into a project that is now being born and that we hope will continue for a long time, and we want you to be part of it.

Aloeceuticals Healthcare, “your most natural care”.

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